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Synopsis / Cast / Director


OUR LAST TANGO tells the life and love story of Argentina’s most celebrated tango dancers Maria Nieves Rego and Juan Carlos Copes. They met as teenagers and danced together for nearly fifty years, becoming international stars and making the Argentine tango famous around the world before a painful separation tore them apart. In German Kral´s Buena Vista style- study the virtuosos reunite to open up about their journey, recreating incredible tango-choreographies with the help of a group of young dancers from Buenos Aires including acclaimed dancer Pablo Verón (The Tango Lesson).


María Nieves Rego (83) was born in 1934 in Buenos Aires. She grew up in a humble environment and had a difficult childhood. Because money was tight, she had no toys and made dolls out of soda bottles and a skirt out of pieces of cloth. When her father passed away, she had to go and work. She was 11 when she started cleaning houses. Even as a girl she went to the “milongas” (tango dance clubs) with her sister, but she was only allowed to watch, not to dance. At one of these milongas she met Juan Carlos when she was 14. He was 17. A year later they started dancing together and soon after they became a couple.

Juan Carlos Copes (86) was born in 1932 in Buenos Aires. He, too, came from a modest family. He was a good student and was interested in football and engines, as were all the boys in Buenos Aires back then. At 17 he discovered the world of tango almost by accident: he went to a milonga with friends and was instantly so fascinated by the dance and the people dancing it that he decided to learn the tango. From then on he went to a different milonga every night, where he asked any woman he could to dance with him. It was at one of these milongas that he saw María for the first time.

María and Juan became the most famous tango pair of a dance club called “Atlanta.” Their reputation and skills kept growing until they won the national tango competition in 1951. A few years later they began to tour throughout Latin America and performed together with the famous composer Astor Piazzolla. Then came New York and Las Vegas. They married in 1965. But Juan left immediately afterwards to tour the world – without María, who stayed behind in Buenos Aires. For years María and Juan had a passionate and stormy love affair that seemed to fuel their creativity when they were dancing.

Juan and Maria danced together until 1997, when Juan stopped asking her to perform with him. For María this was a huge blow. She withdrew and became depressed, until she got a part in the musical “Tanguera” in 2000. She reconnected with tango and the audience, who love her to this day.

Juan and María are still active tango dancers. He continues to dance every night in one of the most renowned tango shows in Buenos Aires.

Since their last performance in “Tango Argentino,” they have rarely danced together…


Director German Kral was born in 1968 in Argentina and moved to Germany in 1991 to study film at the Munich Film School. A former pupil of Wim Wenders, between 1993 and 1996 he worked with Wenders on the feature film A Trick of the Light. His film Música Cubana (2004), executive produced by Wim Wenders, had its international premiere at the Venice Film Festival and has been sold all over the world.